Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Who is in Jail?

Bernalillo County Commissioners want the city of Albuquerque to pay them to house prisoners in the County Jail.  That puts all city taxpayers in a fiscal prison because we  already pay county taxes.  This is all happening because of malfeasance in county government finance management.  This would amount to double dipping by the Commissioners to relieve them of their poor fiscal management.  This is a loser for everyone.  The city shouldn't pay them a dime more until we see some hard decision making on the county level.  First off, they could just forget about putting us in another financial bind by approving that massive Santolina development plan ten miles from the city on the west side.  It is sprawl development at its worse.

Of course the real problem here is the taxpayers own making in refusing to consolidate city and county government.  It makes more sense than ever.  Why have two of everything when one would do?  Because of small political fiefdoms and conspiracy theories of county residents who think their lives would be hindered by a consolidated government.  Votes to consolidate taken in the past shows the city residents always vote yes and the county residents nix it.  Hubris.  Expensive hubris.


Anonymous said...

Jim, what is more perplexing is that No one is ever punished for said malfeasance. Where are the DA and the AG? We are left with Larry Barker and Chris( I don't know my last name) to run with some sort of " investigation" that is only good for Thursday night ratings. In the end the county Will raise taxes,commissioners will take no responsibility,and we the taxpayers won't " vote da bums out". Same old same old, different day. By the way where are the pics. in the Urinal of the new homeless camp? Guess four hills doesn't make a good backdrop!

Anonymous said...

I lived in the City AND County of San Francisco, CA. Consolidation makes sense to me. It works there. It could work here if the Politicians were willing to get off their Ego Trips.

Anonymous said...

How does BCSO hire Larry Allen to be a second under sheriff (at around $100,000 per year) when Bernalillo County is broke? Everyone knows this is a political payback for Allen's church, New Life Baptist, supporting Manny Gonzales against Legacy Church, who supported Baird.

Why did the County Commission approve this? Allen hasn't been a cop in decades. He is a minister. HBO VICE did a not so complimentary documentry on him two years ago.

Yet here we are spending another $100,000 that we don't have so the sheriff can give a political payback to a support. When will we stop this!

Anonymous said...

Yes we can spell MOVIDA again.