Sunday, April 05, 2015

Sucking Sound

A corporation named Global Foundries took out a half page ad in the Sunday Journal to advertise jobs available in New York State's 'Tech Valley".  This is a semiconductor factory.  It could also be another giant sucking sound of people fleeing New Mexico because of our total lack of economic development leadership both in government and the business community.  I hope this doesn't hint about the nature of Intel's plans here in our metro area.  Frightening stuff.

Meanwhile there is a happening on the oped page in which two republicans, that great self promoter Sherman McCorkle and Caleb Chandler of Clovis, NM, are asking for more money from government in higher funding for the US Air Force.  GOP types usually hate government spending, right?  But not when it comes to military spending.  They sort of have their classic double standard, like most of us do, but their's is especially hard to take.  It is okay to attract money for 'death technology and training', but not for healthcare for New Mexicans under the Affordable Care Act.

The Air Force is starting to use it's new F-22 Raptor Fighter.  They only cost $412 million dollars each.  It is a fighter without a mission since most countries just aren't willing to spend money on these ridiculous programs anymore.  Only the military defense lobby in the USA gets to pull that off.  Meanwhile we watch highways and bridges crumble and put up with third rate internet systems.

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