Thursday, September 10, 2015


The City Council was bullied last night by the Albuquerque Police Command staff at a Council Meeting.  Councillors Lewis and Gibson, a bipartisan duo, called them out for it.  City Councillor  Ken Sanchez wimped out as usual instead of being a leader.  He tried to be on both sides of the difficult intimidation by the APD Brass.  He actually said he was scared in his own city.  And the City Chief Adminstrative Officer Rob Perry supported the bullies.

The Command Staff has been getting retention bonuses, even after the money ran out for such bonuses for the field officers.  Giving bonuses to the Command staff in the first place is questionable, but when that staff shows up to try to intimidate our elected officials then you know it is time for another round of Justice Department investigations.

At this point the best thing to be done is for Chief Eden to resign as a failed leader and for Mayor Berry to find a new CAO.  Our city is in the national spotlight for having a bad cop shop, and this latest incident isn't going to help.

The Albuquerque Journal buried this story for some odd reason.  Even their rightwing editor should see the dangers here. And Berry is no where to be seen.


Anonymous said...

Albuquerque, El Salvador.

That is where we live. Our police command and mayor office act like prohibition era gangsters. Intimidating anyone who gets in their way. Thank God we have the ABQ Free Press, Jim Baca and Joe Monahan stepping up and taking them on. I just hope none of them wind up like Mary Han.

The danger in this city comes from Rob Perry and the Command Staff goons at APD.

Anonymous said...

Rob Perry is the head bully. This is the same Rob Perry who went to take pictures of Mary Hans's body along with the top command staff. It was Perry's bright idea and who orchestrated the command staff walking in to intimidate the City Council. Perry was seen sending a message to someone when Gibson started to talk and the command staff walked in. Political intimidation by APD pure plain and simple. I am surprised APD did not call in SWAT to arrest the Council for assault on a police officer for threatening to take away their precious retention raises.

Anonymous said...

Recently, in discussing the horrendous crime situation in Albuquerque, several educated, upper middle-class individuals expressed more fear of APD than the common criminal. I feel the same way. Go figure!