Monday, September 21, 2015


I read this morning that the Governor jumped out of a perfectly good airplane with a parachute while we were in Martha's Vineyard.  It is ironic that a right wing republican Governor had a good parachute when most of the elected officials in her party want to deny parachutes to most of our citizens.  You know, like social security and healthcare.  The only parachutes the Governor probably believes in are 'golden parachutes' for the one per centers.

We had an interesting discussion with some republicans on the Vineyard Fast Ferry yesterday on the way to Providence, Rhode Island.  They were moderate republicans it seems, because they admitted that the Citizens United Supreme Court Case that made corporations into citizens was way over the top and extremely damaging.  They sure hate taxes though and pay very high ones in their local governments, except for their sales tax.  It seems their taxes are more progressive.

I will reluctantly go vote against the Zoo tax today.  Using the gross receipts tax is putting the burden on the poorest in our community.  I hope this regressive tax hike fails.

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Anonymous said...

Jim, I hope the tax fails but so much money has been spent by the Bio Park society on "getting the message out" that I fear we are in for a fifteen year ride. Our great Republican ( we hate taxes) doufless mayor has said Absolutely nothing. Nothing said speaks volumes about his stance. Allowing propaganda booth at zoo entrance, allowing support talks at meetings and printing zoo tickets stating "vote" on the ticket!
Of course no one will care enough to vote no because they will think this is a bond issue. My question still is why isn't it a bond issue? Maybe doufless will answer while he is campaigning to wear the coveted denim jacket.