Tuesday, September 01, 2015


Leave it to the editor of the Albuquerque Journal to do his best to inoculate the Governor and Mayor from any fall out for republicans on the Secretary of State scandal.  Today pictures of both Susana and Berry in the Journal helping people they usually wouldn't associate with much.  Susana with a school child, and Berry with homeless activists.  How can we trust the corporate Journal any more?  In fact, that is how we should refer to this newspaper from now on.

Meanwhile, I just can't wait to find out  where all the money came from that Diana Duran burned up at the casinos.  The campaign funds alone will never add up the stupendous amount lost. This story has very deep roots.

And then the Governor is inoculating herself by attacking the APS school board for firing the 90 day tenured Luis Valentino and giving him a settlement package.  The governor's right wing advisers, who are a hell of a lot smarter than the democratic operatives, figured out she should go on the attack to distance herself from the charges she and her Education Secretary were allegedly involved in with the attempted firing a a trusted APS employee.  Yeah, it is confusing.


Anonymous said...

Wednesday's urinals op ed blames the APS board for Valentino yet it and its partner the chamber of commerce could not hug him enough during his introduction ceremony. Susie calls them incompetent, damn look who is calling the kettle black! If Susie and the urinal say it, who are we the peons to disagree with such Expert wisdom. By the way Susie I hope you bring 10 more jobs to NM this year, you do want to keep up that average. You go girl!!!

Anonymous said...

what makes you think all the money went to the casino???
I bet she used the casino as a clearing house to get cash. Maybe put a few bucks into a slot and head for the door.