Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Whistleblower Alleges APD Records Coverups | Free ABQ

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Latina de Nuevo Mexico said...

The Journal is just embarrassing at this point. They will chase after APS like there is no tomorrow but they ignore the elephant in the room that is APD. They will scream about how important open records and file lawsuits against APS but they don't do the same with the police department. You have to wonder why and what's in it for the Journal. Are they fostering a symbiotic relationship? If so, then the public is paying for it because, like it or not, the Journal is the largest newspaper in town -- although the Abq Free Press is a very close second. Maybe by this time next year, the Abq Free Press will be the largest, most read paper in the Albuquerque metro area.

Anonymous said...

The Journal doesn't cover this stuff because it exposes the corruption of the Berry administration and Kent Walz, the editor, is part of it. Just like they hide Tom Lang's drug addiction, but jump on anyone else. It is beyond anything I have ever seen. The city and APD are corrupt because Walz and the Journal are corrupt. One enables the other. Someone ought to write a story about that!

Anonymous said...

Time to get rid of Dingle Berry and the whole bunch of rotten tomatoes.