Monday, September 28, 2015

Says it All

Here is a chart put to together by Research and Polling Inc.  It is among many from an annual presentation to New Mexico leaders, and it says it all about New Mexico's leadership over the last seven years.

The bottom line is that  with a state population of around two million we have over 500 thousand people on food assistance due to the extreme poverty in this state.  That has doubled during the terms of Governor Martinez and Albuquerque Mayor Richard Berry.  Neither of them have a decent economic development program and their plan could be pretty much summed up as tax cuts for corporations.

This graphic underscores my objection to funding the Albuquerque Bio Park with the gross receipts tax hike that is on the ballot.  Business gets tax breaks while the poor build a better Zoo.

Overall, this last graphic says it all.


Anonymous said...

Why aren't these charts on billboards all over New Mexico and double in districts Democrats could take from Republicans? Why isn't there a letter writing campaign going on to force the Albuquerque Journal to cover this, and radio and TV ads about it that would generate news stories of their own? Why is a guy who bailed on the Democrats in the last election campaign the spokesman for the Democratic Party in today's Journal story and why is he quoted as saying the Democrats plan to sleepwalk through this election cycle? And why will they?

Last I knew I was on the New Mexico Democratic Party's email list, but I haven't received an email in a long time, and the few I did get since the last election were about picnics and anniversaries or something and weren't even about elections or politics or how the hell we going to mobilize the vast numbers of New Mexicans who don't bother voting. Don't bother mainly because Democrats aren't any different than Republicans when it comes to representing their economic interests or those of those half million people on food stamps.

Bernie Sanders is lighting up the Democratic Party's base and drawing far bigger crowds than any other Democrat. He's quickly closing in on the Republican Lite candidate Hillary Clinton. It's very simple. He's not said anything radical. All his positions poll over 50 percent with the public and some way over and some in the 90s. He's simply being a Democrat, while Democrats are still acting like Republicans who are liberal on a couple of social issues namely abortion and gay marriage. Hello New Mexico.

Michelle Meaders said...

Ah, but our Governor is going to make these numbers look better! She is making people 50-59 get jobs, or lose their food assistance. Wait -- she vetoed raising the minimum wage, so many will still be eligible for food assistance. No matter that she isn't providing transportation or training or child care (how many of these folks are caregivers or marginally disabled?). And I haven't seen a campaign by the state to counter age discrimination. And many teaching and state jobs haven't been restored.

But she is impressing the Republican Governors Association so much that she is their incoming President!

Anonymous said...

Because Dem party of NM has no clue!

Vicki said...

Good suggestions, Bubba.

Anonymous said...

Could someone please explain what the second chart measures? Is it population, wages, the state-equivalent of GDP, tax monies paid to state...growth of what?

Jim Baca said...