Thursday, September 03, 2015


I think there was some good comments made by the APS Board on their decision yesterday.  They are under certain constraints that are mandated when handling personnel cases.  But then two of the Board members started talking about their responsibility to god.  Lost me there for sure.

We will really see how flawed an individual Secretary of State Diana Duran is when we see how long it will take her to resign.  Shall we start a pool?  I figure she will be out by November 1st.

Having four grand kids in the house for the first time is a test for our beloved cats Ajax and Casper.  Mostly they are hanging a round the back yard.  They come in at night to say hello at 2am.

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Anonymous said...

Jim , how about Don Durans comment "how dare you judge me" . Well we judge him because we are the taxpayers, he works for us. We judge him because he hired his newly fired daughter, and he has the balls to ask how dare we judge.