Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Tesla charging at the Burger King in Holbrook Arizona.m


Ok, then said...

Why is it that in this country, it's mostly the wealthy who can afford environmentally healthy lifestyles?
I'm talking about the price tags on Teslas, solar conversion for homes, organic produce and the like.

Bubba Muntzer said...

Good question, OK then. With things like Tesla I think the first buyers are paying for all the development and start up costs. We might as well let them since we don't have much choice.

The same basic equation applies to the other things. Organic food costs more to grow because you have to do some things agribusinesses don't and the supplies you need are produced by fewer people, but you're starting to see more of it being produced now and the price is gradually coming down. Here in Albuquerque organic food used to be limited to the co-op and a few specialty supermarkets, all of which were located near upscale neighborhoods, but now it's even here among us West Side proletariat. The Smith's Supermarket (Kroger) and Albertson's at Coors and Central, and the John Brooks further north on Coors all have begun stocking respectable organic selections within the past year.

The Smith's and John Brooks I mentioned, by the way, are union. There's always a union grocery store near you in New Mexico, check here:

Bubba Muntzer said...

So that's what Holbrook looks like in the daylight. I always wondered.

Seriously, I envy you that trip. Since you're that far west on I-40 it looks like you'll be going through Barstow then over the hill to Bakersfield then up the Central Valley. What a delightful drive. So much to see. For me the allure of travel began to diminish after I'd been in each of the lower 48 multiple times but I always looked forward to California. It's just so different and vast and beautiful. For all its detractions there's a mind set there that manifests itself in everything you see, how the roads are built, everything, and the Central Valley is one of my favorite parts.

I'm picturing myself pulling into Bruce's Truck Stop in Bakersfield, with the nice restaurant next door, where I'd be winding down after making it past the absolute worst weigh station in the country up by Tehachapi, where they absolutely detest truck drivers and where I've spent many hours waiting for service trucks to come out and fix things they found wrong with my truck. That scale house is like a dark watchtower guarding the fairy tale land beyond, the descent through the mist into the San Joaquin Valley and Bakersfield and the orchards stretching beyond the horizons. I know you'll enjoy your time there.