Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Saying What You Think

In my political career I was always accused of saying what I was thinking on policy issues.  As State Liquor Director, Land Commissioner, BLM Director and Mayor I was almost always in trouble with someone.  But especially the Albuquerque Journal when I was Mayor.  Prior to that they had treated me fairly, but that all ended when Newt Gingrich and his insane minions took over the congress in 1994 and handed over our democracy to Corporate America.  And corporate America included many media outlets like the Albuquerque Journal.  Just look at them today with a right wing man as editor.  The editorial page there is one long rant of hate.

Now, we are coming full circle to seemingly liking candidates who speak their mind, even though they don't think much.  Of course I am referring the the GOP Presidential candidates.  How bizarre is this?  What is next?  Concentration camps for Muslims?  Forced labor for undocumented immigrants with American born children?  I can't wait to see what is next.


Anonymous said...

You seem to always single out Ken Waltz for the nastiness and rants of hate on the Editorial page of the Journal. The Albuquerque Journal really in fact involves a right wing little gang of Journal Editors consisting of Dan Herrera, Nick Pappas, Karen Moses, and Duphal Westfall and who weekly sit around their Journal Editorial conference room table making judgment calls and selecting their targets and giving their reporters directions on how they want stories written or get their hatchet "investigative reporter" Mike Gallagher to do the job they want for them. The latest version of a "hit piece" involved City Councillor candidate Pat Davis. Journal reporter Dan McKay was originally suppose to cover all the City Council races and he was suppose to do the story about Pat Davis's DWI. The Editors decided they wanted a stronger hit piece to run on the front page a few weeks before the election, so they told Mike Gallagher to do the story, which he did. Waltz may be the main Editor, but the other Editors are just as bad and just as vicious and act like a pack of right wing conservatives going after Democrats whenever they can.

Anonymous said...

i saw that Pat Davis piece too and kind of thought the same thing. Davis could be a really good councillor but his DUI is probably too big of an obstacle to overcome. Any Dem candidate in NM has to know the urinal is going to hammer their weaknesses. Davis' DUI was too recent for this guy to run for public office and low hanging fruit for he McClesky gang.