Sunday, November 15, 2015

Back Scratching

Republican Land Commissioner Aubrey Dunn will be a one term wonder.  His war on the Game and Fish department and New Mexican sportsmen will doom him.

Should the Land Office charge more for hunting on state trust lands?  Yes.  But fifty times more than is being paid now?  No.  But he is a mascot for the ranching industry and they want no hunters on state trust land.  That way they can figure out how to let out of state hunters onto that land they lease at big prices.  Really, that is what it is about.

So to make it right Mr. Commissioner, lets start by raising grazing fees.  That hasn't happened since I was Commissioner in the 80's. Can you do that?  Let's start by passing legislation to raise oil and gas royalties and working the feds to do the same.  That hasn't happened since I worked with the legislature in the 80's either.  Can you do that?  And raise the prices on all commercial leases.  Can you do that?

Dunn says he wants to maximize revenues for the School Permanent fund, but the only place he is doing it is on the backs of New Mexican sportsmen.  What a farce.

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Proud Dem said...

We need fresh blood to challenge Dunn, not Public Land Commissioner for Life Ray Powell Jr. I bet he'll run again even though he ran a pathedic campaign last year.