Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Every Single Day

The Governor was quoted by the Santa Fe New Mexican as saying she still talks with Jay McCleskey every single day.  It sort of confirms that she takes an inordinate amount of advice from this neo con political operative.  His job is purely to make her look good and her job is to follow his advice, policy work be damned.

As I suspected the Albuquerque Journal got on the story of McCleskey being investigated by the Justice Department today.  Somehow the Journal managed to inject the name of Sam Bregman into the story.  The former Democratic Party Chair's name was bandied about by the Journal as a way of trying to inoculate the Governor in some way.  You can be sure the Journal Editor ordered that done.

I think that this investigation could be a small detraction from the Governor's total failure on economic development and the state's downward spiral in just about every category of progress.  In some ways she might see this all working to her advantage in the long run.  Unless of course the buck stops with her, and by that I mean the campaign buck.  And finally,  when large checks are written out of Inaugural funds with no invoices, there could be some fruitful forensic accounting to be done. This is probably where there will be some eyeopeners.


New Mexican said...

The buck stops with Susana? Yea right, Susana will find someone to blame, somehow to deflect the responsibility she sought. It does not matter who, but it is guaranteed it will be a Democrat. I for one never thought that 6 years down the road Susana would still find a way to blame former governor Richardson. What a pitiful leader we have elected. She is delivering for segments of the state but the state as a whole is in a horrible condition.

Anonymous said...

Oh Susie oh Susie looks like your boy toy has been a bad bad boy. Chuck can put his slippers back under the bed . Susie don't wait to long to blame good ole Bill. You know how disgruntled politians like to ply their trade don't you!