Sunday, November 22, 2015

Please Read

This analysis is awesome.  Only those with a longer than normal attention span should get into it.


Bubba Muntzer said...

I agree.

The concept "equality" fleshed out. I'd say it encompasses in some ways other critiques of American culture that take on inequality -- Marxist, White Supremacist, Feminist, all of which could also encompass what he's saying, you might argue. In a note at the end he explains that he uses the term he did to avoid some of the pitfalls, or maybe baggage, some other terms bring with them. The use of the term "confederate" might have the same problem, perhaps, but once you read what he says about the way they thought in the confederate states, it's a very apt term. People should know what they thought, and how that kind of thinking permeates the thinking of the power elite in this country.

Ok, then said...

I read both books, but preferred "The Nine Nations of America". I'm proud to hail from New France.
This book illuminated for me why so many people vote against their own best interests (and I certainly do not mean the wealthy; I'm talking about white people in the South especially.)