Sunday, November 15, 2015


I agreed with two Albuquerque Journal Editorials today.  One on ethics in government and one on the Catholic church ducking its responsibilities to victims of pedophile priests.  How did we agree on two opinions on the same day?  Mondo Bizzaro.

I will be  viewed as being bizarre because although Holly Holm is a great athlete, she is part of the violent culture of this world where beating the shit out of an opponent who had to go to a hospital is something to be admired. We abhor the violence in Paris and celebrate it in the fighting cage.    Some people will say they are two different things, but are they?  Those cage fights teach children that violence is condoned and profitable.


Anonymous said...


You and I are out of the cage fighting demographic (way out of it). Cage fighting has always struck me as a bar fight people buy tickets to watch.

As you noted, Holly Holm is an extraordinary athlete. Yet I was stopped in my tracks when I got to this sentence is fight story: "With the previously unbeaten Rousey briefly unconscious on the canvas, Holm unleashed a couple hammer punches toward the face that caused referee Herb Dean to stop the fight 59 seconds into the second round."

Unconscious? Holm "unleashed a couple of hammer punches" on her opponent? Who was unconscious?

All well within the rules of cage fighting.

Deep sigh, man.

New Mexican said...

"Those cage fights teach children that violence is condoned and profitable."

Hate to say this Jim, but violence is both condoned and profitable at any level, depending on who or what you are. This is the ultimate way to solve problems and enrich yourself in the process. Like it or not, it is what it is.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Jim, I think your view on cage fighting is shared by the majority of people. It reminds me of the black and bleak futures portrayed in 70s and 80s movies like Blade Runner and Rollerball...only it is here in present-day 2015.

Anonymous said...

Jim you need to comment on this front page article from the Santa Fe New Mexican. The McClesky corruption web is now taking down more Republicans. Susana has been interviewed by the FBI, rumor is Richard Berry of Albuquerque has been interviewed by the FBI, Judge Hanisee implies that he would do and hire whoever he needed to keep being a judge! Steve Pierce's brother points a finger of allegation at funny bookkeeping. This story is huge. It might be the FBI and IRS that takes down the corrupt GOP in this state. Imagine if Susana, Berry, Hanisee and other elected GOP officials had to be removed from office over illegal campaign activities by them and McClesky. HOLY CRAP!

Bubba Muntzer said...

Why is the Journal even lending credibility and cover to that grisly business? The participants are employees of the corporation, the matches are arranged not by any rules but to maximize profit. I saw clips where the UFC president Dana White was talking about what to him, 9 percent owner of the corporation, will be a lucrative rematch even while they were carrying away the bleeding loser.

As for the public spectacle aspect of this badminton for the lumpen proletariat, the same goes for any other kind of ritualized combat, like football. The "us versus them" mentality, and as you say the normalization of violence, these imprint on our brains is why everyone is exorcising emotions for a few dead white French people that they should feel for the 200,000 brown Arab people ISIS has killed and the at least one million brown Arab people their own government has killed in the past decade.

We are a sick people careening along under a sick system, Capitalism, that is merely an adaptation to our mental illness.

Anonymous said...

In total agreement on this.

Anonymous said...

Reports are Holly Holm broke her opponents jaw and her opponent now needs cosmetic surgery and will be out of commission for over a year. How is cage fighting considered a sport? Just like boxing with Mohamed Ali practically a vegetable from all the brain damage from head trauma. Why is beating another human being practically to death considered a skill and a sport just because it is between consenting adults? Maybe we should make sharp shooting and dueling between two people a sport. Death would be a lot quicker and more humane with less suffering.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Holly! Actually, it looked like Holly held back once she knocked her out. Great fight for a great NM Ambassador!

Anonymous said...

Cage fighting is great entertainment. Don't watch it if you don't like it.