Saturday, November 07, 2015

Critical Thinking

The thing we need to do most in the schools is to teach critical thinking.  Knowing how to do that is really important in life.  For example, if a guy on the street offers to sell you a brand new car for $50, then you might be able to figure out that car might be stolen.

Here are some examples on non critical thinking.

Rebecca Vigil Giron thinking anyone in their right mind would appoint her Secretary of State in order to properly run that office.

Or, the Albuquerque Journal doing an editorial to make it look like Google pulling out a company from New Mexico is a good thing, because they paid back the money as they were required to do for getting taxpayer assistance in locating the company here in the first place. Well, they were protecting the Governor and in their mind that is critical.

Or, the Mormon Church slapping in the face their own members for wanting to live in today's society by accepting Gay people for what they are, just people.  By the way, I still wish someone would show me those golden tablets that the delusional founder of this sect based  this religion on.  All of his neighbors bought into it without ever seeing the tablets.  It doesn't get any better than this really.


Anonymous said...

Journal/Pravda has no mention of FBI investigation of political money or Tax audits for those who stray from Martinez. What a terrible state we've become. Suppression of speech and punish,end of all enemies real or perceived. Nixon's ghost must be in the corner of the 5th floor.

Vicki said...

Excellent post. BTW, same advice goes to those who think Ben Carson should be President. Though not a mystical Mormon, Carson's golden tidbits are based a lot on his own "golden tablets" that alot of people believe in without seeing them.

Bubba Muntzer said...

Journal/Pravda. I like that.

I think maybe the Journal can be shamed into covering stories like this by leaving comments after their editorials pointing out that they aren't covering it. It worked once before, at least I think it did, back when they were suppressing the news that the FBI was interviewing people about the racino. I left a comment after some unrelated editorial. The next day all the comments after that editorial were gone and they did a story about it.

For some reason I haven't been able to leave comments after that. I don't know if they can specifically block someone or if it's something else. Are there still comments on the web site, does anyone know? I've been meaning to call and inquire about this because I'm a paying digital customer now and still can't comment. That's the main reason I started shelling out the $12 a month. I could be enjoying a nice El Paisa quesadillas with enough left over for a good bootleg CD. Nothing that's supposed to work on a digital subscription really works. It's just the same as if I was a non paying visitor. It's like I was visiting Pravda in 1967.