Monday, November 23, 2015


Another enraging story of a criminal getting out of jail and being arrested for the second time in three days as he tries to feed his drug habit.  People are screaming for something to be done, including killing such people with a reinstated death penalty.  It would just be easier to legalize all drugs, but of course anyone in the criminal justice game would oppose legalization since that would cost them jobs and money.  And so we stay in this ridiculous vicious circle. And this war on drugs will never, ever work.  Especially when the police department  in Albuquerque is so understaffed that evidence can't be gathered to keep these guys off the street.

I got a fund raising letter from State Auditor Tim Keller.  It is his 38th birthday.  I would send him some money because I like him, but the fundraising letter doesn't say what the donation is required for.  Is he running for reelection?  Or another office?  When he tells me I will send money.

The Santa Fe New Mexican, a real newspaper, has a great piece on the State's shrinking population.  Another indictment of our GOP Queen for a Day Susana Martinez.  While she runs around the country, our best and brightest are leaving for states with better economies and opportunities.  Read it here. Meanwhile, the Albuquerque Journal, oh never mind.

A Happy Thanksgiving Holiday to all.  Entries to the blog will be done from the road while our house sitter shines up their new RPG.


Anonymous said...

These so called "Boom A Rang Thugs" will have to injure or kill a relative of someone important before the book is thrown at them. As for me I am carrying my gun and will defend myself.

Anonymous said...

Several years ago a group known as the National Association of Local Government Environmental Professionals, with the City of Albuquerque having one sole member, study the economic advantages of City's like Portland and Silicon Valley. One of the major issues to review was why company's with high paying jobs were not necessarily opting for areas of cheap real estate, low taxes, and so call "low regulations". In summary these companies realized that cheap land and cheap taxes could be had just about anywhere. But what was more important was what kind of community they can attract career oriented professionals to. What infrastructure was available as far as transportation, infill, environment and safety. All the things you kept pushing as Mayor.