Thursday, November 12, 2015

Half Vast

The Mayor's plan to convert a convention hall at the facility into a glorified high school basket ball court and call it a new arena is a half vast effort.  His idea of improving Civic Plaza is worthy of consideration.

The so called arena will be most likely ignored by most users who need multi purpose arenas for everything from rodeos to rock concerts and the Ice Shows.

The Governor and Mayor are happy about a for profit college locating its back office operations in Albuquerque.  300 jobs are in play.  But one has to be wary of these kinds of businesses locating here.  For profit colleges are really nothing but student loan mills that provide questionable educations.  Most students who attend these sub par schools never graduate and then are saddled with enormous student loans. Read about it here.


Anonymous said...

I still can not figure out the fascination City Hall has with constantly remodeling the convention center and pouring money down a rat hole that is now some 40 years old and will never be able to compete on a national level. Why is it that this City always has to do things half assed and on the cheap! Berry just spent over $20 million to renovate the convention center now wants to spend another $25 million to convert it to an event center. A 10,000 seat arena is NOT what is needed, but rather a 16,000 to 20,000 multipurpose facility to attract national shows and events. Even the UNM Pit is far more practical as a 15,000 person facility. It would have been far more practical just to level the damn building, start from scratch, and build a new facility for $45 or even $65 million that will be far more practical.

Anonymous said...

Before Berry does anything he should settle the police contract and start to fix our crime problem. No one is going to want to come to Albuquerque for business or concerts if they feel that they are in danger. Fix the crime issue

Anonymous said...

This scam is nothing new except that Goo Goo eyes Berry didn't have the heart to call it a glorified call center that will last about as long as his tenure as The Burque Bofo. During Susan's and Dicks tenure they have brought a wopping, wait for it------one hundred fifty jobs to the city. So much for the job creating Republican Party. How did we ever survive without you two brain dead polititions. Oh yes Dick I almost forgot that you have done away with four hundred city of Albuquerque jobs and now you find millions to spend on bulllshit projects. Jay must be proud of his male puppet too.

Bubba Muntzer said...

About the for-profit "college" adding jobs here, any elected official who promotes those fetid things should be slapped until they're gasping for breath, let alone who bribes those bloodsuckers with $750,000 in state taxpayer's money and $250,000 in city taxpayer's money, as Governor Martinez and Mayor Barry did.

Those things are sludge at the bottom of the corporate cesspool that only exist to prey on the vulnerable, gullible, and, primarily, the uninformed. Your Atlantic article is a good summary of what those vampires do. There's plenty more out there. Just Google for profit colleges. A public official who isn't aware of the pain and suffering those places inflict is derelict. If they are aware of it, they're showing what they think of the general public.

Furthermore, there's nothing you can get at one of those educational used car lots that you can't get for a lot less right here at our own publicly owned community college, CNM, and from actual college level teachers. It really does turn my stomach to think that my government is aiding and abetting those snakes instead of running them out of town on a rail.

Anonymous said...

When will the citizens of this city learn?????? There is nothing more important to Berry and his minions then a bowling alley, a skating rink, and ribbon cutting for BS