Friday, July 08, 2016


Another crazy man with an assault rifle.  No different than other cases of mass murder.  These victims were white police officers.  Not gay people, or Planned Parenthood workers, or school children.  But all the same in that a crazy man, this time black, shot a bunch of innocent citizens who happened to wear badges and be covered in white skin.

Yesterday's post was written before this incident, and I think it is still valid.  Will cities burn this summer?  Will the NRA still control congress?  Probably yes.

Yesterday 300 people were killed in Iraq by crazy people, all enabled by bush and cheney.  They hide out feeling safe because with our domestic violence we just can't get people focused on those war criminals.


Anonymous said...

And it is only going to get worse. But our Mayor is going to pay some person to do yet another study on why our crime rate is so high. This guy kills me we all know why its high we don't need our tax dollars given out for that. What a joke he is.

New Mexican said...

While there is a lot of blame to go around, a whole lot, in this instance of violence you have to know that the police have some responsibility for these particular revenge killings. Especially the policemen who shot and killed the black man in Minnesota and the cold blooded murder of the individual in Louisiana.

Those two killings by the police set the guy off. He was upset and maybe evening planning something but the protest march would not have happened were it not for those two specific killings.

When certain segments of the population see the police as enemies rather than protectors you better watch out.

The police department in Albuquerque is a case in point, except that their killings have been spread among a wide spectrum of the population rather than just African Americans.

New Mexican said...

The law enforcement community needs to speak out against rogue policemen. Their silence emboldens rogues and officers who themselves may be a bit off. And like it or not, there are some that are a bit off.

Anonymous said...

Please give an example of a "rogue" policeman.

Bubba Muntzer said...

Will the cities burn this summer?

That's a good phrase. Short, nice rhythm, a series of vivid images, and asks lots of unasked questions. Not to draw attention from the point you're making.

But I'll bet a lot of editors and writers will soon wish they'd come up with that phrase, and something is needed to get people to broaden the context for their thinking and I appreciate you trying to do that in this and the last post. The narrative that gets established in the media doesn't allow for even thinking about things that should be thought about.

Such as, and I'd broaden your context even more to include the meeting taking place at this moment in Warsaw, Poland, of the official leaders of the Capitalist powers who are there for the sole purpose of coming up with new ways to justify their Cold War military alliance. As in, military alliance. As in, more people killed in an instant than the police can kill in ten years.

Cities will burn this summer, literally, figuratively, symbolically and by proxy, and if not here in the Middle East, and while mainstream media like the Washington Post run touching, personal profiles of the five dead Dallas cops, I'd come up with a context to explain why they aren't running touching, personal profiles of 250,000 dead citizens of Libya or 500,000 dead citizens of Syria and in fact why these people are scarcely ever mentioned, let alone portrayed as individual human beings like you and I, and why instead the media is keen to install probably the main architect of the policies that caused all those deaths as the next commander of the most massive mechanism of death ever devised.

You know, as I drive to and from Holbrook at night I've been listening lately to some Victorian novels, Librivox (free) readings of Charles Dickens and Frances Burney, and in those days a rich person could walk into a police station and order the arrest of someone. That's what the police were created for. I heard recently those laws are still on the books over there. They've come up with better ways to achieve the same ends but the ruling class, whether it's in England or the US still rules, and the police are still there to keep us in line, not them. More specifically to keep us from getting what they got, i.e. appropriated, stole and exploited from us whether it's in the form of cash or commodities or a congress that writes them out of the tax codes. A process of accumulation that getting so rapid, and the context with which we have to understand it so limited, that cities will be burning and Trumps will be taking office here and there, maybe here, definitely there, all summer long and into next year.

New Mexican said...

To the individual who asked for an example I submit the guy in Louisiana who executed the Alton Sterling in the last week. A classic example.See and read about it here:

Anonymous said...

Ok, how is that a "rogue" cop?

Anonymous said...

There is more to the two recent shootings then is being told. There always is, lets all just wait and see what the investigation finds please... Anyone recall the Rodney King video? The guy filming that didn't show the video from the beginning at first, that showed King's behavior. Lets just wait.

Anonymous said...

Good idea. You catch that "New Mexican?"

Bubba Muntzer said...

Let's do wait, anonymous. You never know. Those cops might be totally innocent. Ronald Reagan might come back as Liberace's dominatrix sister who has a poodle named George HW Tulip.

While you're waiting for those cops to be cleared by the cops who investigate them why not at look at some of the other of dozens, now, videos of police killings. Use the time to read the statistics that say young black men are nine times more likely to be killed by police than other young men. That's according to the Guardian which also said that of the more than 1,000 people killed by police last year 400 of them were Black people. That's 40 percent. Black people are 14 percent of the population. Use the time to find out why this happens in this country and how many Black people have been killed since they were drug over here in chains and subdued with clubs and dogs. Black people know, and they'll tell you if you ask, that Black people being killed has been going on for centuries but cheap video cameras and cell phones weren't around to record it so all there was was the word of the White people who killed them, and everybody who counted believed them, just like some people still believe the cops never do anything wrong and never kill anyone unless, of course, they were asking for it.

For the rest of Jim's readers, who maybe think there might be a problem with the police, like the justice department thinks about every police department it's ever bothered to look into, here's the full length Rodney King video.

Don't let anonymous get away with insinuating that Rodney King did something to deserve being surrounded by half a dozen cops and getting the crap beat out of him with clubs and chains for ten minutes. Those cops, remember, were charged with felonies. A jury of their peers in Simi Valley, where the defense got the trial moved because that's where all the cops live, the most racist town in California which is why Ronald Reagan put his presidential library there, that jury let them off, but they were convicted in the federal criminal trial and served time. For the record, anonymous.

Or maybe you're like anonymous, one of those people, like a lot of cops are, who thinks that not immediately submitting to a white man with a badge the instant he tells you to submit to him is reason enough for a Black man to have the crap beat out of him, or, depending on what mood the cop is in, pumped full of hollow point bullets.