Thursday, July 07, 2016

News Hour

We are back from upstate New York.  We had a wonderful time with grandkids.  We wonder what their future is under the current calamitous political finance system in our country that is controlled by Corporate CEOs.  Those greed infested folks are trying to control the future.  They are surely succeeding in driving out our system of government.  Bad as it can be, it will always be better than a corporate caliphate.

We watched ABC news tonight.  There were at least 8 commercials pushing drugs to the viewers.  We didn't learn what the drugs were for, except to ask our Doctors.  All the commercials were done in slow motion and washed out colors.  They must have some factory somewhere that has an AI that pumps them out.

The only news story worthy of comment was the horrific shootings of black men.  It just proves there is a sickness in most law enforcement departments.  There is racism involved and a whole lot of failed Police academies.  Where does it end?  Will the cities burn this summer?

And then there is the $100 million dollar replica of Noah's Ark.  Yes, there are dinosaurs on board and those Bible fanatics believe it all.

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