Friday, July 22, 2016

Interesting Times

After my sojourn to the Island of Martha's Vineyard, where we did little but work in this beach home, drink Halter Ranch Wine,  and not watch TV,  I came home to catch up on the buzz.

We surely do live in interesting times.  I have never ingested LSD, but if I had I wonder if it would be as surreal as the GOP convention.  And I wonder if anyone came away with the feeling that perhaps 35% of our country has lost their mind.  Not a majority, but enough to win in our apathetic nation.

And now we see the wages of Susana Martinez's tax cuts.  The Democratic financial watchdog in the Senate, John Arthur Smith, says we have to have a special session to deal with the financial chaos of low fossil fuel prices and tax cuts.  Will our state leaders even consider one tiny effort at raising taxes on gasoline to help pay for infrastructure?  Will they go in and gather up all these unspent pork barrel dollars and use them to get things on an even keel for the next few years until we can find a real leader for the Governor's office?

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