Thursday, July 14, 2016


It is like watching that famous bridge come down.  "Galloping Gertie" they called it.  It just fell into the river because its design was flawed.

Just like the economic and tax policies of  the GOP's Susana Martinez.  The story in the Journal this morning described the beginning of deconstruction of New Mexico's higher education system because the Governor and her minions decided that tax breaks for corporate America were more important than a functioning University system.  NMSU will now lay off 120 staff to save $12 million dollars.

I actually don't know how many more blows New Mexico's infrastructure can take.  Our kids and grandkids will continue to leave to other regions that have leadership and opportunity.  Making us the 'call center' for the country with its $12 an hour starting wage just is not going to cut it.  


Dr. Sax said...

“The US government says if you make less than $20 an hour, a robot is probably going to take your job.”

Anonymous said...

And you have a clown of mayor pushing a bus no one will use and building what amounts to a college dorm for innovate alb on central and broadway and ignoring pads meltdown