Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Red Flags

How could the Albuquerque School Board and it's administration think they could get away with it? Their logrolling of the last bond election had many red flags in it and now the election has been questioned in court and could be ruled invalid.  That means much needed projects will be delayed and construction and infrastructure jobs will be put off into the future.  Heads should roll on this, perhaps in the legal department?

Red flags should be up on the behavior of the confusing profit vs. non profit of the Presbyterian medical system in New Mexico.  They will no longer participate in the Obamacare Exchange, and will throw  off thousands of people from the insurance rolls.  Who is really running things at that healthcare giant?  The for profit arm I think.  It begs the question of, when do we get a single payer system, or at least a public option system?

I see red flags on the proposed Helicopter flight training program at the San Juan College in Farmington.  It looks like their partnering with a private aviation firm for the program is questionable.  Is this just a way of getting money to the strapped school from student loans the hopeful flyers will have to take out?  There are a lot of veteran pilots already trained by the US Army and other military services.

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