Monday, July 25, 2016

Amateur Night

Is Russia really laying bear the secrets of the Democratic Party's back biting ego ridden personalities?  Is the donald giving a nod to it?  Will Debbie Wasserman Shultz's resignation mean anything?  Tune in tomorrow right after the soap operas end and the  news casts begin.

What a mess.  I was thinking this morning that as a life long democrat I haven't the slightest idea who our delegates to the national convention are.  If it has ever been printed in the media, I sure haven't seen it.  Maybe Putin could give us a hand here.

Frankly, if the next President wasn't in charge of nuclear weapons I might just sign out on all of this.  But that really isn't an option when you have that GOP psychopath near the White House.  And so we will have to see if this latest revelation of back room movidas at the party headquarters will give Bernie supporters a reason to stay home.


Bubba Muntzer said...

One good thing, for the candidate who makes it through this election being president will be a cake walk.

Donald F Schiff said...

Jim, we already have a reason to stay home, or rather, not vote in the Presidential race. The leaked emails only prove what was obvious all along: the DNC was in the bag for Hillary. They broke their own rules right and left, spitting on rank and file Democrats and party officials all the while. I feel my dozen years of service to the party have been betrayed. The stupid SOBs won't even throw us a bone!

Hillary and the DNC are taking our votes for granted, which is a YUGE mistake. We are being asked to vote for Nixon because his opponent is Hitler, except that Nixon was more progressive than HRC. In Star Trek terms we have our choice of a Romulan or a Ferengi. Neither is acceptable. Is it too much to ask for a Vulcan or a real human being? I have the luxury of voting for neither because if New MEXICO is in play for Trump, the race is over.

Jim Baca said...

Donald, it is triage for many. but anyone who doesn't cast a vote puts trump in office. and that is stupid.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that Bernie was not a Democrat in the first place, so what is the big deal.

New Mexican said...

The Democrats and Republicans are moving further and further away from the center and each other, widening the huge rift that has been widening for the last 20 years. This will eventually create a gap wide enough for a centrist third party.

When that happens, the Democrats will be free to cater to the far left and Republicans to cater to the far right. The centrist third party might just become the dominant force in American politics.

This could happen as soon as eight years down the road. The Republicans and their adherents on the right will not accept Hillary anymore than they accepted President Obama. Their outright hatred for our first African American president spilled over to a hatred of Democrats and liberals.

The Democrats, should they win, will not soon forget the outright raw hatred of the Republicans and their stalling tactics of the last eight years which damn near brought this country to its knees. This will most likely result in a backlash against the right wing Republicans.

The wide rift needed by someone willing and able to articulate the position of the center of the political spectrum may just be around the corner......

Philip Crump said...

Frustrations all around. Last night's fabulous addresses--Michelle Obama (!!), Bernie (!!) and Eliz Warren (!!) clarioned the need to pull together , not only for the negative reason of defeating Trump but also the positive reason to get our country going again. As Bernie pointed out, he has disagreements with Hillary. That is not the point; the point is to get Dems in-office, from mayor on up to the Pres. So much is at stake.
Vote Democrat as if you life depended on it--it does. You life and that of your children and future generations. Let's rebuild our con try's infrastructure--get those dollars moving. Break the banks. Soak the rich! And onm and on.

BTW, Jim, here's a link to today's New Mexican, with a list of delegates:

And thank you again for generating informed conversation!

Donald F Schiff said...

Jim, this is New MEXICO. If Drumpf wins here, he will have won in a landslide, perish the thought. I have the luxury of voting my conscience, which tells me that if I vote for Hillary, I am accepting a thoroughly corrupt process.

If it looks close, I will reconsider. However, I will be resigning my State Central Committee and Rules Committee membership at the next meeting. The DNC has spit on a dozen years of hard work in service to our candidates, our party, and our shared values. They will not acknowledge the truth or apologize, apparently like their chosen standard bearer. I DO NOT CONSENT. I cannot and will not be part of a corrupt organization, and I don't think I can vote for Hillary, even puking over the toilet bowl.