Friday, July 15, 2016


Once again a crazy man kills dozens.  This time with a truck.  Time for genetic engineering to rid us of psychopaths.  The technology is in reach.  The debate needs to start.  And I am only halfway kidding here.

Things probably aren't any worse than they have ever been with this repetitive slaughter.  We are just more aware of it because of media loving its violence so much.  But, if you could use CRISPR to tone down the violence gene, would it be a good thing to do.  I vote yes. It is just a part of evolution.  We have become advanced enough to do it.


Bubba Muntzer said...

I suggest we try one more thing first: not destroying whole countries in the Middle East and slaughtering millions of Muslims and stealing their resources and while we're at it supporting settler colonial states like Israel.

Or is that what you mean? Using genetic engineering the rid us of the psychopaths who make foreign policy in the US and Europe?

Anonymous said...

Only halfway kidding about genetic engineering? Are you only halfway out of your mind?