Thursday, November 10, 2016


The Journal Editorial is horribly wrong in one instance this morning As it lists things that must be fixed in the country, it never mentions climate change. That is the one thing that affects us all, right or left or center. But the Journal's long term love affair with the oil and gas and coal boys and their planet killing profits will never go away. Are they already warming up the keyboards in the editorial offices to support planet killing pipelines and fossil fuel subsidies? You bet they are!

The real action on environmental issues now must be on the legal side. I am hopeful the country's charitable foundations will give with abandon to the funding of legal actions against any attempts to roll back protections for our landscapes, oceans and atmosphere. That is where I will be putting my efforts.

I don't know where trump will come down on the environment issues. As far as I can tell he never said much about it, except for vowing to reopen coal mines to provide jobs. In fairness, Hillary didn't say much either. But there is real war coming on this front and you can look to that fight to define whether people have courage to act out.

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Anonymous said...

I agree. Global warming, fracking, polluting the oceans, the destruction of the rain forests, and the continuous raping of this planet's natural resources since the industrial revolution has got to be addressed. 70 degree weather in Minnesota in November is just not right. I am just under 50 years old and environmental issues were becoming publicized topics of concern when I was a schoolboy. The madness needs to end and the world needs to get serious about addressing environmental issues.