Sunday, November 06, 2016


No, I am not talking about trump and his supporters.  I am talking about who I think will win.  It is looking better for Clinton but still not in the bag.

The sad thing is this election isn't over on Tuesday.  I keep seeing a crazed guy in a giant four wheeler racing up and down Rio Grande Blvd with a huge American and Confederate flag flapping off the bed of his guzzler.  He is one scary dude and the election will never be over for racist psychopaths like him.  The take over of the GOP by non grown ups has enabled people like him.

It is their responsibility that they couldn't put up serious moderate candidates.  No, they pretty much put up candidates that  only the KKK, underachievers and such could support.  They could have waltzed into the White House over Hillary with a good candidate.  They  are incredibly stupid.


Vicki said...

That guy used to live by me in the foothills. Sorry he's moved nearer to you.

Anonymous said...

No matter who wins, 4 years of "investigate, indict and impeach."

Bubba Muntzer said...

OK, we have Trump because of Republicans. We might also ask why the Democrats have a candidate that can barely beat him, if she can. Or why they aren't forecasting a landslide for Democrats and why are they struggling to win back the senate and have no chance of winning back the house?

But the more important question, I think, you pose when you say the election won't be over on Tuesday. It's being said that the nation is deeply divided. It's being asked, where do we go from here? How do we get out of this mess? A lot of people have been weighing in on this and from what I've seen the prognosis isn't good.

I think it's because politics can't really address this question, and we don't know what else to do. Politicians do things to get elected. They react. Our system is set up to preserve the status quo not bring about change, and what changes there have been have been forced on the political system from outside it, by the labor movement, the environmental movement, the civil rights movement, the women's movement, etc. But we don't have a history of getting out of things like this. It's a big problem.

I'll say this. Many Americans may not think of themselves as such but we're essentially a conservative nation. All you have to do is to look at how we've shunned and stamped out anything that ever hinted of truly Leftist politics or radicalism. Not the youth, however, and some of them, maybe many, are discussing things most Americans would be frightened of, different ways of organizing society and the economy whereby we wouldn't have the problem of a dominant group fearing its loss of status and prosperity, that will just keep repeating itself no matter who becomes the majority, as is the history of the world, basically.

They're not as divided, the youth, which is good. Whether they can overcome the legacy of finger pointing and thinking of people with different views as stupid that we've bequeathed to them, I don't know. It would help if we stop doing that. We could also listen to the youth, but we won't. They'll have to make us do that. Just hope they have a country left to work with, and just hope they don't grow old the way we did.