Thursday, November 17, 2016

Susana's Labyrinth

Yes, its the NMMVD trying to make life miserable for citizen and non citizen alike.  Thank you to the administration of Susana Martinez, our rightwing and not very intelligent Governor.  She has decided the most visible thing she can do is just make life miserable for people trying to renew or get a drivers license.  This will be her legacy.

The Journal had a fine story this morning on just what a frustrating and stupid experience most New Mexicans are in for when they go to MVD offices.  All because of an immigrant baiting politician.

Maybe this is one more reason no new jobs are appearing in our state, no one wants to bring a company  here when you can't even get a drivers license in a reasonable and efficient manner.  How on earth do we survive another two years of this failed leader?

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Anonymous said...

This incompetence is ongoing. I renewed my car registration in early August and the check was cashed six days later. I never received the tag and went into a MVD office on September 1st. They had no record of cashing the check so I had to bring in my bank statement showing the check had cleared. Still, I sat around for three hours to get this cleared up. Back in May my brother got a speeding ticket and paid for it online. Last month he was informed by a cop his license had been suspended for not paying this ticket. He had the printout of the online payment. He called MVD and was told everything was fine. Yesterday he went in to renew his license. He had all the necessary documentation but was told he'd have to set a court day to get his license reinstated or pay an extra $37 for his license even though he had the receipt for the speeding ticket with him. Not sure if this is Kafkaesque or Martinezesque.