Monday, November 14, 2016

Whole Equation

Did you see the news that the Navy's new Zumwalt Destroyer artillery shells will cost $800k each?  The news makes the Navy look pretty stupid for trying to design such a piece of work, right?  But wait a minute, as usual there  is another side to this equation.  That would be the defense contractors who talked them into it and saw such a great profit to be made.  Yes, it is corporate America screwing the taxpayer again.

It is the same with healthcare in this country.  So many people are angry at the Affordable Care Act for costing so much.  That  cost is driven by an ever more greedy insurance and medical care industry.  They are pretty much to blame for this scenario.  They are the ones who set the costs.  So, stop blaming the Act that is providing coverage for 22 million Americans and their kids.

As it turns out Eisenhower's great fear of the Military/Industrial Complex was a model for the Insurance/Medical Care Complex.

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