Friday, November 04, 2016

Land Office Gift

That fossil fuel mascot, republican State Land Commissioner Aubrey Dunn is giving away school money to the oil and gas industry.  He is forgiving rent payments due to the Land Office because of low oil prices.  That takes money directly away from the schools.

Want to make a bet that  those same oil and gas companies are pouring money into right wing PACs right now to make sure that they elect candidates like Dunn who will do anything they ask of them?  Will our Attorney General step in and protect the School's interest?  This might just be unconstitutional.

Will the state's beleaguered journalists find time to investigate this sweetheart deal and do a little investigative work on who gets these breaks and how much money their executives and owners have cleared for political donations?

On another matter, I stumbled on this thoughtful series on Netflix from 2012.  Yes it is Richard Dawkins on religion, but if you stay watching it long enough you will see the current election in clear terms.


Anonymous said...

But Jim, What Susie wants Susie gets and we all know Big oil paid the Dominoes bill for for pizaaaa and yayo. Aubrey would have been there except he could not get his hat through the door.

Anonymous said...

Do you mean this story?

Bubba Muntzer said...

Government has always been there to ensure that those rugged individualistic frontier Capitalists turned a profit. Government troops cleared the land of its inhabitants in the first place, then put down any labor uprisings -- i.e. entrepreneurial stirrings by workers -- that came along. Now when times are hard government's there again, making sure once again the Capitalists make money by taking it from us and giving it to them.

Here's a nice article just out about the history of this. Cowboys used to go on strike, but that's not part of our mythical folklore, is it? Why?