Wednesday, November 02, 2016


Seriously, there is no more powerful emotion from a sane person than their protective instincts when it comes to parenthood and taking care of grand kids.  So, I can only ask every grandparent out there who supports trump, would you leave your grand daughter alone with trump?  Because if you say you would trust him with her, then we know the reason why you are supporting him.  And that would be you are not very good at critical thinking.

Right now most people I know are aghast at the fact the the Louisiana Supreme Court has said it is okay for priests to not rat out pedophiles who have confessed.  In other words, if these folks have an imaginary friend who lives in the clouds, they get a pass on prosecution.  Think about that.  If  you were a parent in New Orleans, would you feel comfortable in living in a state where the floodgates have just been opened for pedophiles.  Is this situation a bridge to far for them?  I sure as hell hope so.

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