Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Life in America

This will be reality for the next two to four years.  Hunker down and figure out a way forward in the Senate and House in two years.  It is our only hope for redemption.


kaytiger said...

But the nm house went back to blue!
Kayla Krattiger

Anonymous said...

Jim , now it will be four years of blaming Obama. Same song different singer. Susie and Dicky sang that song for Seven years so why not Donnie.

Bruce Shah said...

Jim - as Kayla said, we now have a totally 'Blue' legislature. That will effectively put the lovely Suzanna out to pasture. Nothing will get done but she shouldn't be able to do any more harm, either.

NEXT year... we can get rid of Barry and [with luck] get a Mayor who will police the police and attempt some meaningful stimulus + a council that will actually do its job.

So, all is not bleak.


Anonymous said...

"get a Mayor who will police the police" Ya, right. At least two Mayor candidates say they will keep Eden and 3 saying "your fired" thinking that will solve APDs problems and the culture of aggression, with the Republican NE heights thinking nothing is wrong with APD.

Anonymous said...

All I heard for the last eight years was IT was Bush's fault. Lets give the new President a chance, he hasn't even taken office yet.

New Mexican said...

A "uniter" Trump is not, he may insult Republican presidential wannabes and they forgive all with the promise of political pork etc., that is on the horizon for them. The segments of the population Trump demeaned over the course of the campaign will not so easily overlook the insults he hurled.

The Democrats with what power they have left will now go into an obstructionist mode against Trump just as the Republicans did against President Obama.

Democrats, liberals, progressives etc., will now feel the wrath of the victorious Republicans as they use their majorities in the house and senate to pummel those that opposed them.