Wednesday, February 08, 2006


The Albuquerque School Bond and TVI Bond election held no surprises yesterday. They both easily won. Hooray! The voter turn out was about 8%. Abysmal!

There is a disconnect here that I have never understood. Polling data always show that education ranks at the top of the list of peoples concerns, and yet relatively few vote in bond or school board elections. I know some pretty respected people who feel that is no accident. They say these elections are designed to be stealth elections so that the people with vested interests are the majority of those who vote. Certainly, teachers, administrators, construction companies and suppliers are frequent voters in these elections. I think this is mostly true, but I also think average voters just don't see these elections as very important. The media doesn't cover them extensively and there is miniscule amounts of advertising.

There is no bigger cost in government than our education system and it is pretty much on autopilot when it comes to local funding issues. Go figure!


Anonymous said...

That 8% was high for a non-board election. The expectation was 3%. Many of us in the community worked very hard to get to the 8%.

Jim Baca said...

I am sure you did work hard. 8% is still a horrible turn out amongst parents with school children. That is the disconnect. Thanks so much for your comment.