Saturday, February 25, 2006

Starbucks and Politics in Arlington

Bobbi got up early here in Virginia to go to Jazzercise and I took a nice walk over to the Starbucks about a half a mile away. When ever I am here I do this because the Starbucks has glazed donuts made in heaven. It is the only time I eat them anymore so I make sure I don't miss the chance. I picked up a Washington Post front page section from a table. The front page contained two stories that you will see anywhere in the nation in one form or another. One was the conviction of a defense contractor who bribed Rep. Randall Cunningham. He looked the part in the photo. The other was about a developer who was fined a large amount of money for violating zoning laws. He paid the money and was let off the hook which angered local residents.

As I was sitting there this pretty and young girl came up to sit at my table. She immediately started talking politics to me. Lets see, abortion, John McCain, Kerry, sea ports, Idaho economic tailspin, and democrats are wimps. She, however, was a democrat and liked McCain and was really pissed at the dems for not taking a stand. We both agreed that this story on the American seaports was conflicting us. We thought it was probably okay if the Dubai company was professional and security conscious, however we both agreed that bush was a doofus for not even knowing this was in the works. Where was his homeland security breifing on this? Oh, thats right, this guy doesn't read much. bush has been basing his administration on scaring the bejeesus out of Americans about arabs and then wants Americans to fall in line over this thing. That is where the disconnect really is. Also, if I am not mistaken the United Arab Emirates just bought a bunch of airliners from Boeing. I think this is called International Trade. It was really interesting talking to her because she was probably not more than 25 but really had an opinion on everything. Bobbi says this is all normal in Arlington, VA. This county actually went against bush in the last election.

I hope more 25 year olds start taking notice like this young woman. Their futures depend on it.

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