Friday, February 17, 2006

So Long-Farewell

These are the great state employees I have spent the last three years of my professional life with. They took me to lunch today at the Artichoke Cafe. That is Will Fetner on the left, me, Elysia Martinez and Rebecca Neri Zagal. They are the employees of the Office of the State Natural Resource Trustee. This little team of ours has taken an agency that was virtually ignored by the Johnson Administration and turned it into a very potent entity that works to restore damaged natural resources in New Mexico. We have been very successful because Governor Richardson supported us every inch of the way. Rebecca is the Executive Director, Will is our scientist and Elysia is the administrative assistant. They are really representative of many of our state employees in their dedication to doing the right thing for all New Mexicans. I am going to miss them when I retire on March 1st. I will continue to help them and the new Natural Resource Trustee in every way possible. I am sure the Governor will announce my successor soon.

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