Thursday, August 23, 2007

CNN Does Good and Domenici

Bobbi and I have been watching the CNN series, God's Warriors, by Christiana Ampour. It is a well done and balanced look at religious fanatics. The first 2 hour segment was on Jewish fanatics, the second segment was on Islamic fanatics and tonight's will be on Christian fanatics.

It is all very scary and hard to take in but it is a reality. Life means nothing to these "warriors' as long as they feel God condones their actions. They take passages from the Bible and Koran and use them as reasons for slaughtering each other. Their beliefs are hard and unrelenting. Yet, they all can show very human sides. Parent and Spouse one day and then a religious terrorists the next. All in the name of God.

On another issue, I keep wondering when someone might seriously take on Pete Domenici for next year. He is actually vulnerable for a host of reasons. So far some political unknowns are announcing they will do it but they have no political connections in the state or the Democratic Party. The nomination is there for the taking, especially when one must have the adequate amount of delegate votes in the next preprimary nominating convention. The legislature changed the law clandestinely last year and now if you want on the ballot you can't rely on nominating signatures to get there. The only way is to get the required amount of delegate votes. That means someone with Democratic Party contacts will have the advantage over anyone else.

Given Domenici's unusual vulnerability there will be money available from national sources to help a moderately string Democratic candidate. It is there for the asking.


Prabhu Singh said...

I haven't seen the program God's warriors, but I can't imagine CNN or any other mainstream media accurately reflecting people's beliefs or struggles.
Ultimately, I think a lot of fanaticism comes down to greed. We're fighting a war of greed in the middle east because our own fanatics voted for a president whose propaganda sounds like their "religious" propaganda.
It doesn't matter the religion, the fanatic propaganda is all the same. It's a policy of narrow mindedness and close mindedness. So people can be controlled by certain "leaders." These leaders are mostly out for greed.
Being a Sikh in America, I have been approached by all the fanatics. I'm hard to miss. Sometimes I actually think they want to share something beautiful, but almost always they want to force their opinions.
I like to say that you can't force inspiration. True faith comes from inspiration, I follow my path because it inspires me. It honors the wisdom of all paths and requires none of the dogma.
The founder of my 'Dharma' (way of life) was Guru Nanak, who said "Truth is high, still higher is truthful living."
Guru Nanak did not associate with any religion, but taught the message of unity, charity, and meditaion to all.

Catmoves said...

Amazing. Why can't I make a comment? Something broken?

Anonymous said...

Put a viable business person in with name recognition to take on the Senator...maybe our Environment Secretary.