Thursday, August 30, 2007

Comcast Rage

Have you received your Comcast Cable bill this month? That little monopoly has raised rates again on just about everything. The Mayor and City Council give them what ever they want since they all get perks from the Cable giant. I will never understand why the media doesn't investigate the rate increases being allowed for these guys.

Today they lose me as a customer as I switch over to Satellite TV. At least there is some competition there. I will be saving about $40 a month by dumping Comcast, although I will keep the cable modem for the time being. That will go up $25 a month since I will no longer have their TV. That is wrong too. Oh, and if you want to talk to a live person at Comcast they now charge you for it. So if they provide bad service and you need help, they now charge for it.

I think a candidate for Mayor next election could win on the strength of a promise to open up the city franchise for cable services so that the Comcast monopoly no longer oppresses us.


Karen Fayeth said...

Oh I really, really hate Comcast. They want me to get off of analog cable, so much so that they won't do much to fix analog issues. However, to go to digital cable, it's a jump of about $40 a month in my bill. That is NOT insubstantial to me!

Here in the Bay Area I do have a couple alternatives, but I've heard from friends that they are no better.

I tell you, the entire telco industry is *corrupt*.

Natalie said...

I agree with both you and Karen; Comcast is an evil empire.
I've had issues with my service since I started with them. I went to Comcast because DirectTV and Qwest had a deal and they were awful!
I asked a supervisor at Comcast whether or not they would be either discounting or taking some money off my account when I had problems for WEEKS and wasn't receiving all of the services I was paying for. Do you know what he said? Gah! He said that I had the opportunity to receive those services but just because I didn't for a small period of time, it would not decrease the amount I was paying.
Really? So, now I'm only getting some of the channels, can't access movies on demand, have snowy channels and intermittent service and you are still going to require me to pay the full price?
"Yes, ma'am and there's nothing I can do about that."
One time they told me that my problems were because it was a Friday and they were so busy that they weren't able to handle the load.
Had I been told I would have to pay for the pleasure of speaking to them to ask for help for the service I wasn't getting... I think I would have gone ballistic.
But, what are you going to do?
In Illinois, there was competition. WOW cable was there and they were great. We should start a campaign to get them out here. Comcast was great, too.
Oh... the power of competition.
These companies know they have us all by the cojones because there aren't any alternatives.
I really hate that!

Anonymous said...

From the Consumerist:

Looks like we got our hands on a big ol' list of Comcast contacts for every single regional division. Names and numbers listed under "Sched Install," "Complete Install," "Reschedule Install," "Billing Adjustments," "Escalation Contact," and "Retention "save" disco's" would seem to be of particular interest to consumers trying to escalate issues through the notoriously unresponsive and uncaring cable company.

According to the datestamp embedded in the files' titles, these are up to date as of 8/27/07.

For those who don't know, Retentions refers to the group in the company tasked with throwing rebates, refunds and additional services at customers to prevent them from switching to another provider.

East Division (XLS)
MidWest Division (XLS)
North Division (XLS)
West Division (XLS)
Southern Division (XLS)

It's telling how bad things on when they have a whole department just for rescheduling installations.

Cheers, Mi3ke

Anonymous said...

They have us over a barrel but so does waste management.