Friday, December 21, 2007


I just noticed this is the 829th post to my blog. I started it in June of 2005 and average at least five or six posts every week. I have a lot of fun doing it although I will endeavor not to rant so much about bush next year. No, I will not capitalize his name. He doesn't deserve it.

Our family has started gathering for Christmas. Noelle got home from Phoenix last night after a quick drive. She does it faster that I use to do it when I was stationed at Luke Air Force Base in 1968. I remember on one trip back to Phoenix I almost killed my self when I swerved my 1960 Plymouth Valiant to miss hitting a mountain lion just east of Flagstaff.

Justin and Karly get home at 11PM this evening and I got the dogs shampooed and groomed for them.

I will blog occasionally over the holidays. I hope you all have good times too.

Hmm, speaking of the old Valiant, here is a list of all the cars Bobbi and me have ever driven or owned.

1958 Volkswagen

1960 Valiant

1970 Volvo

1973 Pontiac Grand Prix

1978 Pontiac Grand Prix

1978 Volkswagen Fox

1983 GMC S-15 Pickup(the only lemon I've owned)

1984 Dodge Caravan

1990 Saturn

1992 Dodge Caravan

1995 Mazda Millenia

1996 Honda Civic (Totaled by a dump truck with only 1300 miles)

1996 Toyota Camry

2001 Volkswagern Beetle (Diesel)

2002 Volkswagen Passat

2004 BMW 325

2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid

2007 BMW 328I

I have few vices. The one I do have is nice cars. Some of these cars Bobbi drove for a long time, but mostly I get a new one every three years which is why I mostly lease them.

This was more an exercise in memory for me than anything that might interest you all. I didn't mention one car I had. It was a 1985 Pontiac compact station wagon that I won in a raffle. I kept it a week or two. It was junk.

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Lora said...

Happy Holidays to you too Jim! A New Year's Resolution perhaps .... to give up your car for one year. It's not easy in Albuquerque, but not impossible. You might become a very effective advocate for public transportation.