Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Oh, Wait a Minute

Any organization that has more than one hundred employees will always be somewhat incompetent. That is some unwritten natural law I think.

The bush administration is probably worse on most things because they really set out to 'kill the beast' of government so they naturally did not want it to work. But, you have to wonder if that included fiascoes within his administration's analysis of intelligence data on Iran. (Of course, they just wanted to invade another country to enrich the defense contractors and open up new oil production possibilities for their buddies. )

Well, they really look stupid in a bad way now.

Now move on the a story in the Albuquerque Journal this morning about the Albuquerque School System 'finding' $108,000,000 in new capital funding. It is the result of double dipping and reaping interest income on funds sitting at the bank. But at least this makes the Board and Administration look incompetent in a good way. I have no doubt there is a good use for those found funds as long as the incompetence doesn't spill over into managing the funds for construction.

This APS story will cause problems with the tax payers who think they are being taxed into oblivion right now. The sad thing is no one will react with the same kind of fury over the money being wasted by fighting a war based on a lie and the ensuing corruption that revolves around no-bid contracts to supply the war.

Finally I suggest you read Thomas Friedman in the Times today. See it here.

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