Sunday, December 30, 2007

Iowa House Party

I started the day at Starbuck's in downtown Des Moines and coffee with Albuquerque Journal reporter Jeff Jones. One thing you see in the Starbuck's here is that it polls first with campaign workers from all the camps. It is hallowed ground by all. It is around the corner from the Ron Paul and Huckabee headquarters and the Hillary and Obama people are there in force. I haven't seen many Edwards folks there but I am sure they are around.

I went to a really well attended house party in Des Moines. It was a 100 year old old home on top of a snow encrusted embankment.

Governor Richardson arrived about 12:45 and stayed until about 2:15. He answered question for most of the time and his short speech was as good as any I have ever seen him do.

There were some all important Precinct Captains at the home and about 80 people jammed into the den. It was a cozy and enjoyable afternoon.

He spent a lot of time answering questions about foreign relations, domestic issues, and energy and environment. There is concern here with climate change and additional coal fired power plants.

I find that in my phone calling and interactions with Iowans that they are very graceful and patient people. I have not had one person hang up a phone or say something less than nice. This may not be a very diverse state, but no one can beat them on friendliness.

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Dan Patterson said...

thanks for the report. Go Richardson!