Saturday, December 29, 2007

Connie and Paula's Amazing Adventure

Connie Beimer and Paula Maez made it to Iowa this morning after a not so perfect trip. Southwest Airlines lost their bags so they had to wait around in Kansas City for five hours to find them. They then left for Des Moines and were held up for bad traffic accidents on the Interstate. But they made it in late last night. They came by the HQ for a short time before heading off to their assignments in Cedar Rapids. They will attend several house parties for the Governor there today.

Connie and Paula met up with old friends Liz Guiterrez and Lori Martinez.

So, Connie Beimer is in Iowa and her husband Rodger is in Pasadena, California to decorate the Rose Bowl Parade Float. My wife Bobbi is there with him while I am in Iowa trying to figure out why 150,000 Iowans most likely get to decide who our next President might be.

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