Friday, December 28, 2007

Friday Iowa

I went over to the main Richardson HQ after spending the morning hours calling Democrats in some counties south of Des Moines. Surprisingly most people that answer are very pleasant and talkative. One person said they had received seventeen calls over the last three days. I think they must be tiring of this frenetic activity. I was watching a local news station a while ago and there were five commercials in a row for candidates. Strangely, all were for Democrats.

The crowd at the HQ was impressive once again. Most of the younger folks were going out to canvass on the ice encrusted streets. The older activists stayed inside and made more phone calls.This afternoon I met with some the Public Interest Research Group representatives to discuss the Governor's energy policies. This got the top attention of Dave Rogers, the Richardson political director for Iowa. We met with Mary Rafferty and Melisa Stodieck of Environment America. They are attempting to get pledges from all of the Presidential candidates on seeking development of Clean Energy nationwide. This should be easy for Governor Richardson since he has already advocated almost all of the points they think are important.

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