Monday, December 17, 2007


I noticed today that Martin Heinrich has one less opponent in this district's race for U.S. Congress. I hear from the grape vine that he did well in his travels to Washington, DC last week. I am hopeful he can get the last of his opponents to drop out of the race so that he wont have to waste money in a contested Primary election. He will need his money to beat former bush campaign chairman Darren White in November. White is the anointed bush person to run. He has opposition from my old acquaintance from UNM days in the late 60's, Senator Joe Carraro.

I am hopeful you all can send Martin an online donation. Do it here!

Now this is a Washington Post story everyone must read. It is truly astonishing that the lines between engineering and biology are being blurred. Synthetic DNA that is being manufactured by the labs will undoubtedly be of great help in the future. But is is also scary. Think of loosing a virus that turns everyone into a neocon!

We have all been wary of genetic engineering and its moral and ethical conundrums. However, that pales beside this new synthetic which might hold great promise for energy production or great fear in loosing upon the world something naturally not evolved here. (I know, somethings and some people are already pretty bad.)

And now in Albuquerque and the Southwest the newspaper tells us we have a new thing to fear. The Quagga mussel? I think I won't worry about this one just yet.

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