Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Remember that in the final analysis just three things sustain life on earth. They are the oceans, forests and croplands.

The Albuquerque Journal had a good story on Sunday about an immense water mining scheme near Datil, NM that would pump billions of gallons of water out of the aquifer for industrial, municipal and agricultural uses. The scheme is being fronted here by Attorney Chuck Dumars, the contract attorney for the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District. He is the one that is always complaining about MRGCD Board Member Bill Turner being in a conflict of interest for his water banking and engineering firm. Dumars isn’t doing anything illegal and his use of his knowledge of the New Mexico system of water rights is understandable.

Dumars is doing this on behalf of an Italian businessman. So I am sure that many people will be concerned that ‘a foreigner’ will possibly own a large pool of New Mexico water. Actually, the big concern should be whether any one other than society itself should own water.

What is next, the atmosphere? Actually, many people think they own that too. I say that because of the way they freely pollute it.

American corporations are currently buying up much of the water in many third world nations. Yes, they will provide clean water but at what price. And if you can’t afford the price do you drink from the ditch?

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