Friday, December 07, 2007

The Golden Compass and Marty Chavez

We went to see "The Golden Compass" and it was a winner. All children should go see this movie about free will and standing up to authoritarian dogma. It is also a movie that every girl should appreciate because of the strength of the young heroine.

All during the movie my cell phone kept vibrating. When I got outside I discovered all the messages that were left about Mayor Martin Chavez resigning from the race for US Senate. I think maybe he had a compass he was looking at too, and it said he couldn't win. Marty is not a stupid politician and he knew that his hard campaigning got him nowhere fast and things weren't likely to start working no matter how much he tried. So he did the right thing. His news release on the Journal web page said he would return to the Mayor's Office to follow through on some programs he is interested in seeing completed, so I guess that means he wont decide to run for Congress either. If he does he will look to be job hunting. (We have all done that! Right?)

Now Tom Udall has clear sailing through the Primary but I think he has to be aware now that he is already the BIG target for the Republicans. They will start unloading on him right away and he has to be prepared for that. Heather Wilson and Steve Pearce vs. Tom Udall. Our entire congressional delegation fighting it out!

The movie ending of "The Golden Compass" was really more like an intermission until the next part of the series is produced. Kind of like this political season.

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