Sunday, February 10, 2008

34 to 1

The election map on CNN looks a little embarassing with New Mexico's color being a pale yellow for no results yet. I have been thinking a lot about this embarassing performance in getting elections done efficiently and on time. I knew there would be problems in this one when I belatedly found out there would be no early voting. I had to schedule a trip last week to DC a day earlier than anticipated so I thought Bobbi and I could go vote early, like the week before. Sorry, no luck there and as it turns out my not voting surely didn't add to the suspense of election night.

At the same time I think the highly embarassed Democratic Party of NM is being dumped on a little harshly. Usually, it takes 33 county clerks and one Secretary of State to screw things up.

A friend of mine said at coffee yesterday that he thinks we should just get used to this because elections in New Mexico will just always be extremely close because of the makeup of our electorate. Lets hope that the nation doesn't have to wait on NM to decide the election via electoral votes next November.

In the meantime I am just blown away by Barack Obama's performance over the weekend. That dog barking in the distance I have been joking about has now turned into a rabid wild dog pack and they are on the heels of Hillary Clinton.

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