Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Just Shoot Me

We all do dumb things. This morning I did one. I signed on early to check my email and saw a message saying Valentine for Dad. I opened it. It is now sending copies of itself to half of the population of France. Really.

My Norton anti virus program didn't catch it. Even after several anti virus scans the little bugger is still popping into action unexpectedly. So now I have to call a guy who fixes this stuff for a living. Wouldn't you just like to get your hands around the necks of these virus builders. A slow 20 minute strangulation would be too good for them. Maybe a slow dissolving acid!

Speaking of dumb things I see where most of New Mexico's super delegates who stated a preference are Hillary Clinton supporters. The thing that is dumb about it is if she loses the popular vote designated delegates given her in the primary season(which is happening) but then wins with the super delegates added to her totals, then the Democratic Party can just pack up and leave town. It would be the worst nightmare imaginable. I am hoping these super politico super delegates think about this.

I am kind of hoping Governor Richardson will go with Obama. I think he could get into Texas for Obama and do him some good.

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