Friday, February 15, 2008


I am hopeful the Governor will call a Special Session to deal with Health Insurance. The legislature's staff can assimilate a lot of knowledge about the plan over the next few days and then can advise their bosses on the best course of action.

It could be that many of the Legislators are like many of their constituents. They have health insurance and the issue doesn't seem like one that is deserving of concentration and action. But, for those who don't have insurance this is a really big deal. The fact is we are all paying inflated costs right now for our insurance because there are so many who are not covered. Okay, maybe that is not true but if you can mandate car insurance for drivers what is wrong with mandating health coverage for all of us?

The Governor is in a confrontation with the lawmakers on this one. This is the way the system works and if you look back to the Gary Johnson administration's relationship with the Legislature this current difference of opinion is hardly impressive.

The system naturally has tension in it, but Governor Richardson has had an overall great relationship with that other branch of government.

Finally, would someone please advise the NM Democratic Party on how to deal with the news media? Could someone possibly look over the Chairman's speeches before he gives them. There has been enough embarrassment?

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