Thursday, February 28, 2008

One Of Those Days

It is bad enough when you have to start your day with an early morning dental appointment. I always try to do these sessions first thing because I figure the day cant get any worse. I am so naive! Of course things can always get worse. I actually got out of the dentists chair with minimal pain and bleeding. All I could think of was my morning Starbucks 'tall with room'. And so I headed to their nice store and Lousiana and Indian School. I went in, got coffee and a roll, read the New York Times front section and then headed off for work to find a parking place. (That was going to be difficult today because I park in back of the El Rey Theater downtown. It burned early this morning)

As I went to my car at Starbucks my day got worse. Some jerk in a large vehicle had peeled back the whole right rear section of my parked BMW with his very tall SUV tires. He then left the scene and $1700 damage to my car. No one saw it happen. I hope he gets malaria.

The State Farm people had every thing figured out and within two hours I am all set to have the car fixed next week. I get to pay $250 deductible.

This is all pretty minor stuff and things actually can get a lot worse. This in truth is just a minor aggravation in the larger scheme of things. On the bright side when I went in to file a police report I was able to connect with a good old friend of mine and we had a great chat!

Back to the El Rey Theater. I remember when we were kids that we went to every movie theater in town, except for the El Rey. Probably because they specialized in Spanish Language movies. Looking back on it, that is where we should have been to increase our language skills. We sure didn't get any training in our catholic schools in languages, except for Latin in altar boy class. In fact the Dominican nuns would punish kids for speaking Spanish if they were already bilingual. It is good things have changed but a whole generation of kids missed out on early language skills.

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