Thursday, February 21, 2008


So, we have managed with a small missile launched from a bobbing ship in the Pacific to knock down an errant spy satellite. Not only did we hit it, we hit it right in the fuel tank where we wanted too. I think they probably did it. Amazing! (I also think they wanted to show other nations that their satellites can be had!) Now, my question is if the Pentagon can get something like this so right, why can't they stop bad information from coming out of Iraq. (Remember Pat Tillman) If you didn't notice it in the paper today there was a story that the two female suicide bombers who slaughtered one hundred of their country men a couple of weeks ago were not Down Syndrome victims after all.

NeoCons have been using that bad information saying we must stay in Iraq because we are fighting people so bad that they are sacrificing the mentally retarded in suicide bombings. What will the war mongers do now? Retract those statements? Don't hold your breath.

I had an interesting comment on yesterday's blog about the need for policy summaries from Barrack Obama's campaign. The commenter said it really wasn't that important because it wouldn't make a difference in whether you would vote for Obama. That might be true. But, it will make a difference in how hard people work to get other voters out for him. Once again, you don't have to get extremely detailed in these summaries. For example on western issues we just need enough information to know that he does care about western wilderness, wildlife, landscapes, roadless areas and watersheds. This isn't minor stuff for many people.


NewMexiKen said...

I'm certain you must have seen this, but just in case.

There were, according to the League of Conservation Voters, 15 key votes on the environment in the Senate during 2007.

Senator Hillary Clinton voted the environmentalist side 11 times and was absent for four votes.

Senator Barack Obama voted the environmentalist side 10 times, against once, and was absent for four votes.

Senator John McCain was absent for all 15 votes.

Nob Hill Ward Chair said...

That missile launch probably violated the ABM treaty. It hit the target, but it's also another example of the administration's basic hostility to the rule of law.