Friday, February 08, 2008


It may be my imagination but Washington over the last few days seems to be somewhat serene. Everyone seems somewhat relaxed and pleasant. We were up on the hill today visiting with Senator Jeff Bingaman, probably the most widely known relaxed person in the Senate, and we couldn't help but notice that there was not the frantic running around in the halls of the Senate Hart Office building that we are used to seeing. Maybe that was because it was only 9am. My feeling is that DC is just patiently awaiting the departure of bush and company so that serious changes can be made.

We had a nice dinner last night with Steve and Molly Cobble at a restaurant where the wait staff all are great vocalists and sing for you when they aren't bringing you another drink or a course of your meal.

Still no election results I see. As some one said the country no longer cares what our results are. Somewhere a dog is still barking. Off to the airport now.

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